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Erdgas Zentralschweiz AG

EGZ – Company Portrait

Located in Lucerne and founded in 1973, Erdgas Zentralschweiz AG (EGZ) is one of four regional gas companies in Switzerland. EGZ conducts business around procurement, transportation and storage of natural gas.

The company owns a regional high-pressure pipeline grid. EGZ reliably and safely supplies its shareholders with natural gas, 1’929 GWh in 2019. The shareholders’ group consists of local gas suppliers in central Switzerland, namely ewl energie wasser luzern (64.95 %), WWZ AG (35.00 %) and ebs Energie AG (0.05%). These local gas providers operate their own medium/low-pressure grids. 

The company operates two customs metering stations, which are used to receive contractually agreed quantities of natural gas from upstream systems. In addition to these customs metering stations it also operates pressure reduction stations, which are used to feed natural gas into the local distribution grids.

EGZ holds 5.61 % of the shares of Swissgas AG, which is EGZ’ main gas supplier. Swissgas sources natural gas either at short notice on spot markets or through imports regulated by long-terms contracts. 

EGZ has delegated the management of the company to its majority shareholder ewl energie wasser luzern